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Minas Gerais


For example, about a music story.
When I heard "variety", I would imagine the music of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Gold Rush became the trigger, various cultures of the labor emigrant and propagators has flowed into this region.
In fact, the various types of songs had been sung in there.

Milton Nascimento is a big musician of Minas Gerais.
I feel that his music has mixed beautifully what is pure sound of the indigenous people, the powerful rhythm of the African black worker and melody of the European church musics.
"The variety" and "The harmony", I imagine wonderful spectacle of Soil, Wind and Sun.
The complicated mixture of these elements blows up imagination more - Original Music.


These are my favorite and recommend three artists of Minas.
Please listen to them if you have a chance.

・Milton Nascimento "MINAS"
・Yuri Popoff "Lua no Céu Congadeiro"


Illustration by Satoshi Ogawa


Satoshi Ogawa / Illustrator

After working as director and designer in music industry, he has been working as an illustrator. instagram ID: ogsatoshi (