chain reaction

Light and shadow diversity of the social problem


Social business solve social problem by business method. The tide of the social business spreads in the world. Social problem occurs by intertwined complex elements. My work is supporting business person and employer that they challenging the problem solution. When I support it, I always think that it is various what does define as the problem of the phenomenon.

Form and the color of the shadow change depending on by how to hit light. Similarly, it changes the meaning of the problem by how to catch viewpoints for the phenomenon. Depending on a viewpoint, the phenomenon is not a problem. I suggest to them to think in a diversity of viewpoints as much as possible when they make business plan; at the time of beginning. Sometimes, it is important that they ask "is it really a problem?" for a problem.

They think from a diversity of viewpoints many times and realize the root-like essence of the phenomenon. Then it becomes easy to think out a solution. Because a problem becomes complicated, it is important to continue thinking by a diversity of viewpoints repeatedly - continue defining again. For the diversity, deal with diversity. We have to think the phenomenon by view like a eyes of bird and worm's-eye. Surely we will see the different figure of the phenomenon.